Explaining the Uses of Video Mapping for Business Purposes

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Because of information overload, capturing the attention of your audience can become quite difficult. However, with the advent of High-Definition (HD) media and the use of video mapping, also known as projection mapping, catching people’s attention is an easier process.

Video Mapping – Evolving From the 2-D Format

The traditional projection of a two-dimensional surface does not impact viewers like video mapping technology. Instead, projection mapping creates an immersive sensation for video and website viewing. Not needing to use compression, video mapping can place projections of images on a variety of surfaces, such as a curved screen, full-size building or 3D representation, giving such venues new life.

Promoting Your Business Using Mapping as a Tool

With that being said, you might be surprised to know that video mapping is not a new innovation. It came to life in the 1960s. However, because of today’s wide use of videos, the mapping software has become a well-recognized tool. The software, which is utilized for ads for businesses, is also helpful to anyone who wants to promote their business individually.

Panoramic Interior Displays – Via Google

When it comes to promoting your business then, you can make full use of projection mapping. The process begins by contacting Google, or specifically a GTP – Google Trusted Photographer. The image specialist is not only trained and certified but also has the required equipment to provide the results that Google needs. GTPs are trained to supply interactive, 360-degree panoramic displays of business interiors.
Whether you are a small start-up or large business, you can hire a GTP for a few hundred dollars. Once you contact the photographer, he or she will visit you at your business and will set up the equipment in preparation for the photo shoot. The virtual tour created from the photography is finalized and uploaded to Google Places and Google Maps
According to a 2013 report in Web Pro News, GTPs are not contacted frequently. Some businesses do not want their interiors photographed. However, with the progression of time, companies, no doubt, will see the wisdom of the display, especially if their competitors are using this branding approach.
In the news report, Sue Ann Tomlinson, a GTP, stated the interest in creating an image via video mapping is “. . . about 50-50.” She added, “Some businesses see value and others don’t.” She said that she shoots around “. . . 144 shots for [an individual] business [at one time].” According to Tomlinson, everything she submits is posted to a client’s Google+ local page.

Establishing a Marketing Plan

If you do bring in a GTP to shoot the interior of your business, you may want to hire a professional marketer as well, depending, of course, on your budget. He can work with the GTP to display your business’ interior so it is presented from the best possible vantage point online. However, before you use video mapping software you need to establish a marketing plan. In the marketing plan, include your business objectives, the allocated budget and a timeline.

Five Ways Projection Mapping Can Enhance Your Online Presence

Projection mapping can be used to add value to your business in one of five different ways. The projection software can be utilized to:
Extend the customer base beyond your local area. Research reveals that most of the brick-and-mortar locations which use video mapping are located in urban or city locales.
Display the theme and décor of your business each day, seven days a week.
Embed your virtual tour on your website, adding an interactive element to the website experience. You can also better target your audience when you use this tool and technique.
Share the video mapping experience with companies who use your services. Increased business for your clients means more exposure for you.
Increased search results also result from projection mapping. Considering the fact that a significant number of businesses are not making use of projection mapping, you will stand out in the searches all the more.
Besides promoting your own business or business offerings, you can also use projection mapping if you work in multimedia design or, as previously mentioned, in the advertising field. Use advanced mapping software to transform any kind of surface into a video display.