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Marketing & Advertising :: The art of redesign

It took over 18 months to complete and was designed and built from the ground up by the team of designers, journalists, user-experience experts and product managers. The key goal was to deliver a new, fully responsive website, optimised for as many viewports and devices as possible.


One of the world’s most widely read newspaper websites, the Guardian, attracts tens of millions of unique visitors each year. With that audience increasingly migrating to mobile devices, the newspaper’s in-house team was tasked with rebuilding the site to improve user experience on mobile devices.


One of the first things they did was look at how to simplify the information architecture. From analysing user data website design it became quite clear that once a user gets to a certain point in their journey, they stop using the navigation and instead navigate through content.

The old site had multiple levels of depth, and subsections would often had bespoke navigation that was out-of-date, cluttered and poorly used.

So what they did was basically strip the navigation down to two levels: primary and secondary, and also changed some of the groupings used to categorise content. This allows users to quickly find their way to the main topics they’re interested in.


From the beginning the project was wireframed in HTML, which has a number of benefits. For example, you can immediately see how an idea will work in a browser and iterate from there. These wireframes are also easy to present and share. Instead of explaining the interaction, all the people engaged in the project could see it live on the page.

Each of the breaking points was designed in accordance to the rest to get the best results when the resolution changes. All the content was placed on pages according to it’s value and place in the hierarchy, rather than it’s size.


The Guardian research team decided to thoroughly check the users’ motives for opening the website.

There are three major ones:

“Update” is the most frequent motive and describes the journey of readers who visit the Guardian – often many times a day – to find out about the news-agenda in general, or about news from their area of interest, whether it is sports, culture, the economy, etc..

“Extend” describes the motivation to then gain a deeper understanding of a specific story, which usually demands more time than a quick news update.

“Discover”, is rather a whole group of motives, such as the wish to find inspiration and surprise, new perspectives, interesting debates with other readers or entertainment.

These research insights helped build the new website based on the readers’ typical journeys and needs.

They are built with what’s called ,,containers”, which are sets of builiding blocks. They “contain” words, pictures, videos, graphics and data. Editors can group them together flexibly, creating modular homepages and article pages to create a representation of what is important each day.


The new Guardian site now has a more compact view, and provides more visual clues about each story’s importance.

Videos, photo galleries and interactives are now seamlessly integrated into pages. Videos can now be embedded and played anywhere on the website.

The new photo galleries allow users to browse them in different ways: either by scrolling through the images, swiping through them on mobile devices or viewing them in full-screen mode while using keyboard arrow-keys to browse through them.

And within each article, the Guardian editors now have many new ways of recommending related materials.

The Guardian’s team did a tremendous job getting the newspaper,it’s values and quality into the digital world. The website works perfectly on different viewports and there are no useless elements. It’s as easy to read and browse through as ever.


Lonely Planet is a web guidebook. Founded in Melbourne in 1973, the company has grown to become the world’s leading travel publisher, providing fresh content to more website designer than 120 million people every year across it’s different platforms.

Now, Lonely Planet has decided to make changes to improve the most important parts of their website. Let’s take a look.


These two are the most important ones for users. So the key here is to organize content to help people quickly find the top things to do in each location, and a recommended sets of places and experiences that help get the most out of the travelling experience.


To draw attention as well as immediately present the most distinguishable qualities of a place or a product, there is nothing better than photographs. A partnership with 500px helps Lonely Planet find the best images on the web, and then upload them to the continent page. The user’s journey begins here, looking at the photographs that tell a part of his future story.


Lonely Planet decided to use the power of community – in this case, travel enthusiasts and travelling writers. Each of the continent pages starts with a testimonial (or as they call it, a ,,love letter”) that explains why you should visit a certain location. It is a great way to make users trust the website and its content.


The new design – through photography and placement – highlights the most important places to visit and recommended attractions.


A completely new feature – interactive maps – will help connect all the content from all over the site. The user will be able to see all the destinations, as well as sort them using different filters.


Lonely Planet is known as one of the best guidebook publishers in the world. So, they decided to make the only rational move regarding the website – place the guidebook in a visible place on the new destination pages for those who want to buy a guidebook for their journey.


One of the first changes made was making the design of city pages feel smaller. This was done to show the parent / child relationship between continents, countries and cities. The layout changes into an article at the city level.


Travelling means finding the right hotels. One of the key elements that got improved is helping users find the best hotel or hostel in a city. Before, hotels were shown throughout the website, now they are shown only in places where the visitor is thinking about planning their trip.


The article and detail pages are the most important ones from the Lonely Planet’s online brand. That is why all continent, country, and city pages place an emphasis on directing users to these pages.


And last, but not least, Apple – the iconic manufacturer and service provider – has recently decided to redesign its website in order to change the whole experience of purchasing through the site. The Apple team has decided to organise and simplify the website in order to reduce confusion.

The old design had 2 designated areas: products & store. This was probably because Apple’s site served more as a marketing platform than an e-commerce one. Over time, e-commerce has grown but Apple never bothered to make the switch.

Finally, it’s properly combined together.

All product pages generally look the same with lots of photos and feature details. The classic Apple navbar is also fixed at the top, as you would expect, but without the inessential “store” link.

Now product pages lead right into the store, so purchasing is all done from the domain as opposed to The latter now redirects back to the homepage so everything fits together.

This means your shopping cart can also be managed from any page on the site. There’s no longer a divide between browsing or shopping on Apple.

The checkout pages match the same design as before, so very little UI work has been done. There are minor aesthetic tweaks, but overall the redesign is more of a user experience upgrade.

An Update On Realistic Advice Of Corporate Video Marketing

production companies londonThere are many video production companies London has available each time a business owner makes the decision to get a stylish video for his business. The technology powering they have grown so much it can easily help encourage increased traffic. The traffic you receive can be analyzed with analytics. It is one tool you could have that can help you understand the weaknesses and strong points of your video.

Producing video is a thing that will require endless hours of work to get the ideal shot. Using the solutions to you personally, it will be possible to generate excellent videos that could advertise your organization or teach valuable skills for your workers. When you make choice to use video, you will put away money overall because you will never have to hire somebody that will help you using this type of process.

Dynamic Logic is really a leading independent research company who specializes in measuring marketing effectiveness as well as the impact of video footage. It regularly publishes results showing a standard boost in the effectiveness of online video in terms of breakthrough and communication, comparing video with overall online marketing results. Specifically taking a look at areas including message association, brand awareness and favourability, but a majority of importantly purchase intent, they found out that placing video online become a lot more effective than standard internet advertising. ComScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni, for instance, has says his organisation has detected that experience of picture advertising can lead to a 40% increase in purchasing a services or products.
Cross promotion is paramount to content marketing and steps should be taken to drive traffic from a social websites channels and also other resources to your website and blogsite. Make sure you link your entire promotional videos to your site to ensure that users which can be considering your industry or maybe your content specifically can find other useful material. In addition to this, don’t forget to promote one of the links in your corporate video on your own website webpage, email footer or other marketing materials to utilize other customer bases that may not utilise social media marketing. Your email marketing strategy can even be updated to include your video messages and e-newsletters include the perfect strategy to introduce an interactive learning experience along with launch new items and services in your existing client base.

It is naturally that videos are very effective for promotion and advertising of your respective products and brand building. There is no better way compared to the audio-visual medium to promote the merchandise and services with the company. If the video with the services or products is done very creatively, its image and so the brand would stay in your brain from the consumers for years. Any of the video production companies London has to offer believes in the effectiveness of viral marketing and promotion of services and products. Even posting just one immaculately produced video on YouTube can be of immense help for brand promotion and recognition. No doubt, the videos would ultimately attractive generating sales.

What Does A Private Chef in London Do?

A private chef in London can be a godsend in any household, whether you have fussy eaters, children with specific dietary requirements or work with extra hours, a household chef can be sure that you and your family eat healthily and at any given time to suit the busiest of schedules.

Even those that enjoy cooking can certainly benefit from hiring a personal chef as they simply could become inspired to experiment with new techniques and cuisines, trialling new dishes out situated on the weekends when you have more time – a private chef can work around you.

When it comes to hiring a private household chef, the criteria is straightforward – a chef that gets results for you and your family’s needs. So keep in mind these hints and tips when it comes to in search of your perfect chef – you would possibly be surprised just how easy it can be to find a chef to match your tastes.

Where to start

bell-pepper-569070_1920The very first thing anyone will explain when it comes to hiring a personal chef is to speak to knowledgeable private staffing recruitment company. Such companies will not only source qualified and appropriate candidates for the positioning and your personal requirements, however they also can arrange interviews and make the whole process a lot simpler and smoother.

Discuss your tastes

An important aspect of finding a private chef is making sure they will take care of your dietary needs and tastes. Ask to some sample menus and then determine what kind of things they are utilized to cooking. Be it high cuisine or more family-orientated meals, it is important to get the right chef for you.

Insurance matters

In the fast-paced, sometimes dangerous environment that’s the kitchen it is very important make sure you aren’t responsible for any accidents that, however unlikely, could occur. So make sure to check that the chef involved has personal liability insurance.

Check their references

As accomplished and friendly as the candidate could seem, never assume they are the perfect fit for you and your family without checking their references. The more successful of household staffing recruitment agencies will check these before you decide to even meet, but it is always a good idea to find out how their chef’s previous employer felt about their cooking and professionalism.

If you bear these points bear in mind when picking a private chef, you must waste money on an ideal fit for your household and will be sitting back experiencing the most delicious, hand-prepared meals you’ve ever had in the comfort of your personal home.

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Football Betting Tips – Quality Betting Strategies

football betting strategyFootball Betting Tips – Why do you really need them?


Football is probably the greatest and most exciting games to watch. Watching the players as well as their strategies to win could be very enjoyable and quite thrilling too! There are a lot of fans and spectators that follow each game and they’re ever increasing; just like the sports bettors.

You could be a successful bettor if you follow the recommendation and tips from seasoned experts. One way of accomplishing that is by subscribing to a professional sports betting system. These solutions are very popular and most provide information about the football teams, their winnings along with other important info that might have an impact on the next series of games. It can also guide you towards placing your bets and teaching you important betting tips that might increase your winning chances. Sportsbetting is undoubtedly an activity that has existed for many years and it’s a successful activity for lots of people everywhere in the world.

Using football betting tips should be implemented in a very practical way so as to stop mistakes and misunderstandings. This can be achieved by properly integrating all the data this way that there are no bias and misplaced objectivity. Basically, the probability curve which happens to be the most useful mathematical tool in football betting since behavior the teams can be matched up in a manner that all the data is pitted against each other. This isn’t complicated considering the fact that most analysts and betting experts use this. Basically, all the data is lined up and compared directly. A graph is produced in which all the players and team advantages and disadvantages is included. This is vital since mistakes in the graph can translate to wrong predictions. That’s the reason the team’s capabilities ought to be meticulously scanned and evaluated.

You need to ascertain at the chances offered. The betting value can also be important and helps you stay away from risky bets. This manner, you can save your money for profitable bets. Risk element should always be looked at when placing bets. It’s the beat way to stay clear of small gains which include big risk.

Everyone must be getting along there also must be good chemistry. If there is one bad apple within the bunch this will reduce the chemistry of the entire team and cause poor play. Confidence also plays a very large role. Even when a team is much more superior than the competition, if they are on a losing streak lately this may cause them to vulnerable.

The inferior team may have very good team morale and they might have very high confidence. This is even truer if they are mindful of the low team morale whatever the superior opponent. The truth is that even when one team is superior, if they don’t seem to be enroll in the game as the inferior team will be an upset isn’t simply possible.

So in regards to football betting tips ensure the confidence and morale of the team you’re betting on it sound.